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Airoh Helmet Jumper Mister-X Blue Gloss Large





Airoh Jumper is an affordable entry-level helmet made of shock-absorbing coated thermoplastic. The helmet has strategically placed air vents throughout, combined with hygienically treated, washable lining which helps to keep the helmet fresher for longer. Features: - The outer shell is made of thermoplastic that provides a shock-absorbing protection in case of an accident. - The helmet has an anatomically correct design for precise and perfect fit. - The inner shell is covered with a nice comfort lining that is antibacterial and hygienically processed which keeps your helmet fresher for longer. - Removable and washable interior. -Chin strap is adjustable with millimeter precision. - Air vents front and back of the helmet keeps your head cool while imposing the helmet to dry faster. - Adjustable helmet peak with quick-release screws. - The high rubber moulding provides excellent protection for your neck and makes your helmet compatible with most neck braces on the market. - Protective mesh and inner foam protection for the mouth and chin. Weight 1350g /- 50g . DOT , ECE 22-05 . The helmet is approved for use in Europe and the U.S.A.

  • Built In Nose Protection
  • 1350 Grams of weight
  • Thermoplastic External Shell
  • Large size 59-60 cm.
  • Off road Helmet
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