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Rims Hyper For Yamaha YXZ1000

Product Description

  • HiPer's Sidewinder makes use of a new generation carbon fiber material that produces the lightest 14 inch wheel on the market at a mere 8.5 lbs for an eight inch wide wheel. The wheel uses a two piece modular design with a single beadlock ring. HiPer Technology is known for having the lightest and strongest wheels on the market and is proud to provide UTV owners with the option of running a truly superior wheel.
  • In addition to the performance advantages, the Sidewinder will also not corrode or degrade over time. The wheel is completely serviceable without any special tools for easy maintenance and reliability. The Sidewinder will be covered by HiPer's unconditional one year warranty.
  • All HiPer wheels are tested to Department of Transportation standards and extensively field tested by top riders and racers.

Package Content- 4 Rims


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